Who We Are

8+ years experience in walnut planting and processing

Hortus Verdi was founded in 2019 as a local family business with the only purpose of delivering to its customers natural products from farm to fork. In order to do this we are processing our own products from our own sustainable farming located in the western part of Romania.

Our products are high in essential fats, omega 3, proteins and they are gluten free and lactose free. Soon they will be part of the organic production as well..

We started planting the first 100 walnut trees in 2012, with the birth of our first child. In 2013 we planted another 100 walnut trees with the birth of our second child.

Today there are 450 walnut trees planted on more than 40.000 squared meters of land that is in possesion of our family for over 30 years.

The land is being Organic certified, not using any chemicals since 2011.

Working in the  branch of indutry of oil pressing from seeds, we aquired the experience and started pressing the walnuts with the first considerable crop of 2019 of more than 500 kilograms of walnuts.

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